Letting go

How does it feel to turn your back against what you love?

2 min readApr 21, 2024


Photo by Danny Giebe on Unsplash :)

Do you feel that?

The f*cking comb that’s threaded in your neck, the aching feeling of your tired heart, as you read the subtitle.

That’s called a heartbreak.

It’s what humans feel when they have to let go of what the once loved, so they can experience life again.

In my opinion, letting go of things with the excuse of preparing for what’s to come and to be right by yourself, is perhaps the most inconsequential travesty man can bestow upon his self.

We try to reconcile with ourselves for betraying our oaths, aspirations and feelings, by believing that we do this for us.

We commit a self-imposing destruction sequence that destroys a potential future, that was never given the chance to grow. That, I think, is the greatest tragedy of it all.

That little tree that was growing by the tree, is now cut. That pier is now demolished, and that person is now gone. Gone forever from the abyssal of life and strife.

It is maddening when you think about it.

When you let go of something, whatever or whichever that might be, you don’t realize how that can escalate.