I can’t tell you about love

2 min readJan 27, 2024
Photo by Antigoni Karakoulli on Unsplash :)

Love is indeed the greatest thing to exist in our lives.

I thought I knew about it, but I don’t.

It’s unfathomably boundless warmth cannot be explained by the simple words of a man like myself, and neither should.

How people meet and fall in love, how warm hands caress our faces, and how eyes dance under the moonlight or the bright evening sky of a sea still in a moment.

No one could ever dare to understand the invincible force that urges people to fight, to get angry, to overthink, to cry, to care, to wonder, to love.

I certainly could never try to do that.

Because, I found love in her eyes. Her wonderful eyes that either scream in loneliness, or jubilate in happiness.

How I enjoy seeing her happy when she’s near, and how content I feel to see her close to me.

To see her smile and feel her comfort, is perhaps the closes I have ever been to happiness, and having the ability to talk with her, and experience life together, is a joy unlike anything a mortal has ever felt.

To you my darling, I say, smile.

I am well aware that sometimes, we may disagree on things, and we perhaps may even contemplate a life of sorrow may loom beneath our actions. But, I daresay, we keep…