Jan 17, 2024
Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash :)

The warm blessing of comrades and friends

accompanying our pathos for life

yet flirting with the illusion of fear for an end that’s yet to come.

Such are my thoughts,

while gazing at the fellowships we have formed.

To grandeurs and retrogressions, we delve together,

unaware of what the aether of the future may bring.

Tireless be the moirai,

for they always plot ahead of our visions.

Yet, we choose to bond.

Even if our paths may stray,

or destined to come to confluence with one another,

we find comfort in spending our passing moments in now;

together in fellowship and faith.

In the comfort of hugs and eyes we lay our souls tranquil

in the timeless plain of space and time

knowing that Chronos may take,

but shall also provide eternally

The fond remembrances of the fellowships we formed during our lives.