Doing what you must — A preface to a guide towards success

2 min readNov 28, 2023
Photo by Daryl Bleach on Unsplash :)

It was November 2021.

A truly gorgeous period.

I had a break from my master’s degree, money was flowing in from the academic grants, and I was just editing my first book (A fantasy folklore epic of 220k words).

One of my dearest friends had gotten big-time money gains from crypto trading, and we were planning of doing some investments in the upcoming year.

But then catastrophe.

He lost 80 percent of his assets when crypto fell, the grants for my academia had dried up, and the book I had devoted so much time and energy in, had been waiting for publication for more than five months.

Things were not going great, neither in the financial aspect of things, neither in terms of miniature successes here and there happening because of a constant progress.

But we both picked ourselves up.

He started trading back towards his past position, and I started writing full time.

Since he is a different story alltogether, I will focus on myself.

Two years later, I have become a successful content writer at one of the biggest financial institutions of the world, and just today my second book was published in Greece.