Childhood peace

2 min readOct 1, 2023
Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash :)

You are still a child dreaming of destinations far away, which you are going to visit with your friends, as your mom and dad will be waiting for you home.

Your psp lies charging on your bedroom’s desk, while the new beyblade that everyone kept talking about is going to be gifted to you on the upcoming Christmas box day. And best of all, you still believe that happiness lies in a full box of chocolates.

But suddenly you are an adult.

And sooner or later, you come to realize that there are simultaneously contradictions and parallelisms to what you believed as a child to be the ultimate truth.

Suddenly, your life revolves around making ends meet, and around believing that a constant reality of happiness and stability still exists, even if everything you remotely knew as a kid or a teenager has now long been forgotten and lost in time and space.

But still, that is not all.

There lies a hidden secret amidst the feeling of tranquility we all felt as children.

We believed that there would always be another tomorrow, and we never thought of anything as a constant.

Yes, we might have taken a few things for granted, but the untamed feeling of change never ceized to escape our grasp.